Ultimaker 3D Printer Progress

Posted by Eamon Niknafs on  November 28, 2016

Category: Community Outreach
Ultimaker 3D Printer Progress The primary purpose of our 3D printer will be to build prosthetic hands for children in need through e-NABLE, a charity linking children and families to makers. The Ultimaker Original Plus is complete, and we are awaiting further information from our Service Learning Team giving the exact measurements of a child’s wrist to begin printing a customized hand. The amount of hands we plan on printing is still undecided, as it

The Future of Robotics

Posted by Admin on  October 27, 2016

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Richard Horn September 14, 2016 The Future of Robotics In 2015 the robotics team made it past qualifiers securing a place at the Monrovia Regional qualifiers and winning the Rockwell Collins Innovation Award. “I think that we will be facing the challenges we face every year, getting new members, retaining new members, while at the same time increasing our competitiveness at tournaments,” said junior programming lead Eric Frankel. Now the team is trying to prove they can