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Sage Robotics, the FRC team, was founded in 2015 and has been successful in competitions throughout Southern California. It is now the main focus of the robotics program.

The History of Sage Hill Robotics

The robotics program at Sage Hill School, in beautiful Southern California has been one of the most popular club programs at the school. Since its founding, Sage Hill Robotics has dedicated itself to the core values of creativity, innovation, and education. At the program's founding, Sage Hill Robotic participated in the FRC competition under team Lightning Robotics, and later expanded to participate in FTC under team Sage Robotics.

Currently, the robotics team at Sage is focused solely on the FTC competition in the FIRST series of robot competitions.

We are...


We look for innovative solutions to achieve goals set forth by the challenge


We love robotics and the role we play in making Sage Robotics function and compete


We believe in using technology to better the world through not just FIRST competitions


We are committed to working our hardest to build and code the robot while running the team

Roles in Our Team


The Outreach team focuses on capturing the accomplishments of the robotics team. This group writes the engineering notebook, team newsletter, and designs and manages the team website. Additionally, they organize our outreach into the community and coordinate events with other organizations, teams, and companies. The Outreach team also works with the Prosthetics Service Learning group to build and design prosthetics for children and animals in need.


The Code team is the group in charge of our robots' autonomous and tele-op features. They work before each competition and bring the robot design to its fullest potential. Before the build is complete, they plan out different autonomous programs that seamlessly integrate software and hardware to create the most optimized and efficient code possible that aids in the operation of the robot during a competition. The Code Team creates the code for the robot and helps plan its features.


The Build Team is responsible for the design, planning, and assembling of all robots and hardware -- taking the team's imagination and making it a reality. The group has two main focuses: practice field build and robotic design and build. The group works in tandem with the Code Team to optimize scoring for every match. In addition, the Build Team ensures the hardware competency of the robot. The Build Team creates the platform on which the rest of the team builds upon.